Affiliate program

Bring a partner in and get up to 30% of the paid amount

Your referral link
In order to affiliate anyone whom you invite and to receive income from any transactions made by such merchant or private customer, they must sign up by this link.
Then their transactions will automatically be displayed in your merchant panel and you will be able to monitor the proceeds of your share from their transactions online.
If for some reason your affiliate partner fails to sign up by your link and starts working through your invite to them, please contact us using the ticket and we will affiliate them upon your request.
After that you will be able to automatically receive payments from their transactions.

Any funds received via the affiliate program will immediately appear in your personal account

You can immediately withdraw them in any way: by bank transfer / PayPal / Webmoney / Payza

Contact us and
start receiving your revenue

If you act as an agent for processing and other services, you may also offer our services to your clients: card payments, payments by 200+ worldwide payment methods, subscription payments, invoices. Even if you have an audience that might be interested, please, contact us and we will offer you the best terms and conditions.