Billing invoice

The method of invoicing

Invoicing is an easy-to-use tool aimed at accepting payments by those businesses that do not have a website.. To issue an invoice, you should take the following steps:

  • Login and go to this section.
  • Click on the Create a New Account button or select any current template using the Select a Template button. (To find out what templates are, please go to Templates).
  • Select payment methods.
  • Enter an email of your client for whom you want to generate the invoice.
  • Enter the company name, amount and currency.
  • Select your invoice type — Single Request or Subscription Request (please see more details in Subscriptions section).
  • Configure your fees for the buyer.
  • Click on the Generate an Invoice button.
  • Copy the link to the payment and send it to your client or click on the Send button to email the link to your client.
  • If you are going to issue this invoice again, we recommend saving it to templates or taking advantage of subscriptions.