The payment handler (Callback)

To receive payment notifications from PayOp Payment Aggregator, you should go to this section and select the application for the site that should receive callbacks and enter the URL of the page where requests should be sent. After the URL for the callbacks is specified, requests will be sent to the page.

In order to verify the request accuracy, please check the hash amount of the request or use an additional check using the SDK.

Fields sent in the request body.

Parameter Description
PayOpId Transaction ID in PayOp system.
status Transaction status in PayOp system.
wait — pending transaction payment.
success — transaction is paid.
error — improper processing of transaction.
refund — transaction is refunded.
block — transaction is blocked.
publicKey Payment application ID for PayOp merchant.
merchantId PayOp merchant ID.
type Payment interface type (button, app).
amount Payment amount.
payAmount Payment amount, fees included.
fees Fee percentage.
reserve Reserved amount on merchant account.
affAmount Amount paid to merchant affiliate.
currency Payment currency.
payment Requested payment method.
paymentPay Payment method chosen by buyer.
signature Digital signature.
description Transaction description.
resultUrl URL of Successful Payment page.
failUrl URL of Failed Payment page.
language Language of payment countries (en, ru, de).
date Transaction creation date.

You can also check the URL by using CallbackCheck