Checkout payment

Method to create payment by using the API and based on REST. To interact with the API, it is recommended to use the library PHP-SDK.

URL for requests:


Parameter Description Example
email Customer email. Required
country Country name in ISO "ALPHA-2 Code UK Required
publicKey Public key, specified in the application. application-1 Required
secretKey Private Key, specified in the application. 0a0642946ac8d8cb87008b9acfa7a07c Required
amount Payment amount. 100.00 Required
currency Payment currency rate RUB Required
orderId Payment ID 1 Required
paymentType Payment type button or app. but Required
payment Payment system, or list of payment systems. ALL Required
paymentGroup Pay system group: cards, e_wallets, bank_transfer, prepaid, cash, mobile. bank_transfer
language Language of payment pages (en, ru, de). en
description Payment description. Order No. 10
resultUrl Link to Successful Payment page
failUrl Link to Failed Payment page
subscription Subscription ID. If ID = 1, then you should create a subscription. 0
period Period of subscription, D — day, W — week, M — month, Y — year D
duration Duration of subscription 2
phone Customer phone number [Required] depending on selected payment method
name Customer full name [Required] depending on selected payment method

Successful response:

{ "result": { "message": "Transaction created", "payUrl": "", "payopId": "1127" } }

Parameter Description
message Payment creation result info.
payUrl URL for redirecting the user to the payment platform gateway.
payopId payopId - transaction ID in the payment gateway.

False response:


Parameter Description
message Payment creation result info.