What should I do if I receive a chargeback?

  • If you receive a chargeback, first contact your customer to determine what was the reason for the chargeback.
  • If a chargeback isn’t a fraudulent request and it’s possible to cancel a transaction, you can make a refund voluntarily. Please, contact our customer support team to proceed with this procedure.
  • If you don’t agree that the chargeback is valid, you can help us dispute it by providing information about the transaction:
    1. Product/service name;
    2. Delivery status;
    3. Customer registration data (name, e-mail, phone number, residential/delivery address, date of birth and any other mentioned information);
    4. Date of registration and order history report for the past 6-12 months;
    5. Documents proving services provision/goods delivery (receipts, invoices, print screens etc.);
    6. Additional information that might be helpful in disputing the transaction (customer correspondence, сopy of documents, etc.)
Please, send all required information to our

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