What are the types of balance and what do they imply?

There are 4 types of balance:
  • Available balance is a balance which is available for withdrawing. If you have gone through verification process of account, you have an opportunity to make a request for withdrawal out of available balance any time.
  • Reserve balance is the percentage of transactions received for some payment methods (mainly EU, LATAM, ASIA AND Pacific) of the regions that are held for a period of 3-6 months. This condition is standard practice in payment processing. After 3–6 months the funds will be transferred to the available balance.
  • Anticipated balance are funds that are awaiting a transfer to an available balance after the buyer has paid for the goods. The duration of the freezing of funds depends on the type of account variation, project history, turnover, industry, risk level, and other factors that are considered during project verification.
  • Referral balance is funds which are received when participating in our referral/affiliate program.

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